Recover and Improve with
Valley Physical Therapy


Always work with a physical therapist.
No aides. No assistants.

Identify Goals

We work with you to understand and identify your physical therapy goals, then convert those goals into an actionable plan of care.

Regain Confidence

Injury, illness, and surgery: all can result in temporary physical setbacks. Your plan of care will help you regain confidence in your body’s strength, flexibility, and balance.

Age Well

Don’t grow old, age well! Our office-based 1-on-1 physical therapy sessions and your home exercise efforts will help you age with confidence.

Trust Us

We are here to help!

Valley Physical Therapy has served San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley since 1994. Cheryl has 30 years of experience helping patients get better and stronger.

We are proud of our patient satisfaction scores: our patients rate us 9.7 out of 10. The majority of our patients return to Valley Physical Therapy whenever they need physical therapy.

Our VPT Staff

Cheryl has been a licensed physical therapist and owned Valley Physical Therapy for more than 25 years. She moved to Santa Cruz in 1986 to earn her undergraduate degree at UCSC. Cheryl grew up in Illinois and remains a Chicago Cubs fan.

Cheryl Tibbetts, PT, MPT